Monday, May 14, 2012

Executive Staff Openings
Listed below are the current positions the Chancellor is looking to fill on his staff for the 17th. Representative Assembly. Any interested citizens can IM, reply in the forums, or email the Chancellor at
Public Information Officer
·         Creation of notices, advertisements, regulations
·         Responsible for placing and maintaining advertisements on the SL search for all public builds
·         Responsible for maintaining the Land Available for Sale list, yellow map, and real estate listings on the SL Marketplace
·         Responsible for maintaining CDS Info Center/Land Office/ Freebie Store
·         Manages any CDS wide kiosks
·         Responsible for set-up and maintenance of CDS Embassy’s
·         Advises Chancellor
Public Events Officer
·         Responsible for public events in the CDS both for the benefit of CDS citizens and to increase grid-wide awareness of the CDS
·         Responsible for exploring different types of public events for the CDS in addition to concerts and deejay events such as educational presentations, debates, discussion groups, fairs, carnivals, hunts, anything to promote and benefit the CDS
·         Responsible for assisting and coordinating with citizens who are interested in participating in the Government Subsidized Citizen Events Program
·         Responsible for working with various media outlets to obtain coverage for some of the CDS events
·         Responsible for holding a minimum of one fishing tournament a week via our 7Seas Fishing Game and posting the event to the 7Seas Social Chat Group
·         Responsible for holding one event per quarter in each CDS Embassy or co-event with the hosting estate
·         Advises Chancellor
Commerce Commissioner
·         Organizes commerce in CDS
·         Assists vendors where possible
·         Coordinates with Public Events Officer on any CDS events involving commerce
·         Develop ways to increase traffic and promote commerce in the CDS