Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Schloss Construction Site Opens to Citizens and Friends

Sudane Erato and Rosie Gray have done wonderful work on the new Schloss.   The build has really taken form.  A lot needs to be done and the structure is still far from complete; but the basic form has been established.  It is already promising to be an improvement over our current Schloss.

For those of you who might not see notices or frequent the CDS Forums, I post Sudane's notice the the community regarding the next phase of building the new Schloss.

I endorse moving the new Schloss in place and its continued construction.  I hope that all of you agree that this is a much needed first step in re-vitalizing our sims.

Visit the schloss construction site in-world at :

The following is a reprint of Sudane's notice:

We hope that you all know that the RA and the Chancellor have authorized Rosie Gray and myself to begin creating a new building to replace our existing Schloss on Neufreistadt. We've been working on the building now for about a month, at a site away from the CDS so as to conserve prims.

The approved proposal was that we would work offsite on this project until such time as there was enough of a shape and style to the building that members of the community could visit it and get an idea of what they were getting. At that point, we would request comments and ideas, and request a final approval of the project by the RA and the Chancellor. Once this is achieved, the old Schloss will be removed, and the new, unfinished, one put in its place. Finally, all the detail work will be done in place in NFS.

Well, this time has come. The new build has a very definite shape and style, and, while nothing in it is finished, the principal focal center of the building, the ballroom, is very well along. In addition, most of the other spaces of the building are shaped out and details slowly begun. We are approaching the point at which the size of the build will cause it to be more difficult to move as we go along.

Accordingly, we invite everyone in the community to visit the construction site and view the future Schloss. As mentioned, your comments and ideas will be much appreciated. I have asked Shep to add this matter to the agenda of the next RA, and we have also asked Tor to approve the project. The two approvals will enable us to move it to Neufreistadt.

A related but very important matter. As is obvious, the old Schloss will be removed before the new one is rezzed in NFS. The old one cannot be saved, since most of the owners of its prims are not available. During the RA approval proceedings, a number of people expressed an interest in collecting photographs and video of the old Schloss for historical reasons.

Let me just say this: "Now Is The Time"!

We sincerely thank everyone for the incredible support we;ve received so far, and we hope to move along and look for a shiny new Schloss well in time for the new RA Inugural Ball!